Can the Real JR Stand Up, Please?

July, 2021, Dixi Books

Seventeen-year-old Jake Rollins’ life is a nightmare. His dad is determined to use his family as a punching bag, and Jake is powerless to stop him.

Urban gritty meets magical realism in this coming-of-age story about what it means to be bigger than where you come from.

Can the Real JR Stand Up, Please is a gripping and, at times confronting read; a roller-coaster ride, yet a hopeful novel about being true to yourself and learning to be brave.

For readers who love a dose of magic with their realism.


This actually made me cry, and that’s a good thing! I love the ending so much!

Ariel, age 15 years

The novel is lovely, …and there is something of the rebel — if not in JR, yet — in the narrator or the way the story exposes some things not often treated as a theme or central idea.

Michele Drouart, Editor and Author


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