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Claire Malone Changes the World

November, 2019. Dixi Books

Armed with her typewriter and the determination to make a difference, Claire Malone is an ordinary kid with an extraordinary desire to change things for the better. Writing letter after letter, Claire advocates for change. One day she notices her local park needs upgrading and commits wholeheartedly to the cause.

Claire is a feisty character with boundless energy to change her world for the better. She will be a fantastic role model for this generation of children, who have lots of knowledge but need a little inspiration on how to advocate for change.

This is an empowering and inspiring picture book for young children but especially for girls. You will love the journey of Claire, a strong and ambitious girl, so much so you will want to read this book over and over again.

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This is a gorgeous and important book...

I love Claire Malone and all her spunk and feistiness to make a difference! She will be a fantastic role model to this generation of children who have lots of knowledge but need a little inspiration on how to advocate for change.

From a teaching perspective, this is the perfect book to kick off and engage children in a unit of persuasive writing in the junior primary years and I can't wait to use it in my classroom.

Maryanne, Primary School Teacher

Claire Malone is a little girl who sees injustice all around but instead of bottling all that anger up, she uses it. She speaks up and makes a fuss and manages, in her small way, to change the world for the better.

It’s an inspirational book with an important message, a very loveable protagonist, and gorgeous illustrations. Highly recommend. 

Sarah Mahfoudh, Can-Do Kids, UK

Claire Malone Changes the World is a quaint story about a little girl with the world at her fingertips and a big social conscience in the making.

Nadia puts a new spin on children's understanding of global issues and their online access, applying her trademark insight on what makes young people tick.

This is a great match between author and illustrator and it would be lovely to see Claire Malone go on some more adventures of childhood empowerment.

Theresa Smith Writes

Claire Malone Changes the World is Nadia's first picture book but I hope not her last, as it manages to be at once thoughtful, honest, and hopeful.

Claire Malone is a girl of our time, a child with global concerns, a sense of responsibility, and a passion for getting things done. The weight of injustice and messiness of life weigh heavily on her small shoulders, but with great nuance and a sense of moral courage, Claire discovers how to affect change right where she is.

Alisa Knatko's illustrations are a darling complement to Nadia's text and are so darn cute, bringing Claire's hopes and dreams to vibrant life on the page.

Danielle Carey, Book Blogger

Claire writes another letter but this time she involves her community in her campaign and for once her efforts are rewarded. This beautifully illustrated story celebrates young change-makers and light-heartedly questions the effect of modern technology on children while exploring what really makes a difference in their lives.

Writing WA

Despite the fact that I am an adult reader, I felt empowered by Claire Malone Changes the World, a children's book that really packs a punch.

I look forward to celebrating the themes and achievements of Claire Malone, both in my school setting and with my own children.

We definitely need more texts of this calibre and subject matter out there in the children's picture book sphere, well done Nadia L King!

Mrs B's Book Reviews

Younger kids need to be given the chance to enjoy their childhood without feeling they have to solve all the problems of the world.

Claire Malone wants to bring about so much change that she is well on her way to burning out! Fortunately, she learns to help at a level more appropriate to her age. A gentle guiding hand in the form of a story like Claire Malone Changes the World will help kids feel empowered, while also reminding them of the importance to make time for things like friendship and play.

This picture book contains a subtle but vital and timely message for both children and adults. Published by Dixi Books, it is gorgeously illustrated by Alisa Knatko.

Elizabeth Foster, Author

Claire is a little girl who sees the world as a bigger place than most youngsters. She notices all sorts of things, some of which don't seem quite right. So, with her trusty cat, Marmalade, she sets about to address these situations by writing letters -- hundreds of them -- to decision-makers who she believes have the ability to effect change.

By giving her character, Claire such a dedicated interest in the environment in which she is growing up, King creates a role model for children who may at times feel powerless when confronted with 'big issues'.

It would certainly be remiss not to mention the delightful illustrations of Alisa Knatko; they are absolutely enchanting in their rendition and design quality; and the artist's depiction of Claire is exactly as I imagined her to be.

Jennifer Mors, Children's Book Reviewer

Drawing on themes of persistence, compassion, the affects of technology and the importance of childhood play, author, Nadia King, and illustrator, Alisa Knatko, brilliantly combine to highlight the savviness of one young girl determined to work for the greater good of the world.

With the uprise of social media and the internet, today's youth are becoming more and more encouraged to be the advocates for their own future. This is where youngsters like Claire Malone come along.

Just Kids' Lit

Sometimes the simplest stories are the hardest to tell but Nadia L King achieves perfection in very few words.

Claire Malone Changes the World is the delightfully quirky story of a young girl whose ingenuity and persistence create unexpected changes in the world around her.

Inspiring and entertaining, this beautiful story is perfectly complemented by Alisa Knatko's delightful illustrations.

Congratulations to Nadia and Dixi Books -- I can only hope this is the first of a very popular series.

Moyra Irving, Author of Amelia Trott and the Earth Watchers

This book is the progressive, modern book our youngest readers are looking for. Providing a lesson that even the smallest person and action can make an impact. I'm also inspired by the book's message about a digital generation that is both swamped with information about the sadness and destruction of the world, but also using that same power to harness change.

The illustrations are beautiful and the quality of the book is obviously a labour of love for Dixi Books.

Shirley Marr, Author of Little Jiang

Claire does everything she can when she comes across injustice. And this is her great strength.

It seems to me that modern children do not need to reminded that they can do a lot. The task of parents and this book is to tell and show that even small efforts can lead to fantastic results.

Alya Khomenok, Children's Author

Claire Malone is an amazing role model for little kids and will remind them of how powerful and awesome they can be, even as kids because everyone can make a difference! All it needs it one person to stand up and others will surely follow.

I also love the illustrations, they suit the story perfectly and bring Claire and Marmalade to life. The kids will LOVE it!

Imani the Author

While it is important children have an understanding of greater issues affecting this messed up world of ours, it is decidely important that we don't let our children become consumed with worrying about things at the risk of missing out on being children. I think that Nadia L King has dealt with this issue really well.

Claire's Reads and Reviews

Claire Malone Changes the World is a beautiful book. I highly recommend

Pauline Reid, Reader and Reviewed

I'd just like to let you know how much Claire Malone Changes the World is loved in our house. My eldest child could be the prototype for Claire Malone. It's so heartening for her to see strong female characters in print.

Lindsay, Mother

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