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Jenna's Truth

Young Adult Fiction

Our closest friends are the people we trust the most. We tell them our secrets and share our lives with them. 

But what happens if our friends and our secrets turn against us? Jenna’s Truth, inspired by Amanda Todd’s tragic story of bullying, is a book that tells us what can happen when we discover our friends are no longer who we think they are. 

The internet age offers many opportunities and makes life easier, but it also put us in great danger. Every post creates a digital trail that can't always be erased.

Nadia L. King has woven together a contemporary teenage story, a lesson of empathy and self-awareness, and a tale about the dangers of digital life to create a book that is utterly captivating. Jenna’s Truth is both bleak and full of hope.

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Reviews for Jenna's Truth

"...amazing, honest, pure, true. I am and always will be saddened by Amanda's story, but Jenna's Truth gives us an alternate version filled with hope." KEVIN HINES - Suicide survivor, activist, storyteller, filmmaker

"Thank you for writing this novella. And for remembering Amanda. I love the resources and teaching guide you included at the end. As an educator myself, I found the guide with questions so helpful...I like how Jenna had hope and that you portrayed a teacher who cared and encouraged talking." CAROL TODD - Amanda Todd Legacy Society, Educator

"I meant to email last week to say that at last your wonderful book was next in line on my books to read pile. And I read it in one sitting! I was so impressed by how you tackled such a challenging subject. Congratulations Nadia, it's a powerful little novella." DIANNE WOLFER - Australian award-winning children's author

"Inspired by the real-life story of the late Canadian teenager Amanda Todd, this story puts a human face on cyberbullying...A deeply affecting, valuable story and educational tool." KIRKUS REVIEW

"...powerfully and simply told." WILL YEOMAN - The West Australian

"This ghastly situation and Jenna’s resulting trauma and anguish will, unfortunately, be familiar to many young readers. This is an affecting story about distressing topical issues – one with important messages for perpetrators of bullying as well as victims. The author has prefaced her ultimately hopeful story with a content and trigger warning and supplemented it with teaching notes, support contact information and other resources, thus making the book ideal for classroom use." WRITING WA

"This book is well written and an easy read and would make a great class novel where the topics can be openly discussed in a safe environment...the inclusion of teaching suggestions and discussion topics makes this book a valuable teaching tool to work with teenagers about these topics. I highly recommend this book to teenagers and to teachers so they can facilitate conversations about these topics in a safe way." READPLUS

"What an excellent story this is, cutting straight to the heart of an out-of-control contemporary teenage issue. Cyberbullying and the devastating ripple effect this has on a victim's life." THERESA SMITH WRITES


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