Claire Malone Makes a Friend

October, 2021. Dixi Books

Age, race, culture, loneliness, relationships and the pandemic are all neatly drawn together in this outstanding picture book for young children.

Claire Malone and her cat, Marmalade are back in Claire Malones Makes a Friend, a delightful and charming picture book about life in lockdown.

In her trademark style of positivity and action, Claire works through the loneliness and monotony of lockdown by looking outside her own life to affect change. Claire, yet again, shows us how to be an agent for positive change in our own neighbourhoods.

A charming and relevant sequel to Claire Malone Changes the World with delightfully lively and colourful illustrations by Alisa Knatko.

CM_makes_new_friend_cover low-01.jpg

This beguiling book is about reaching out, making friends, and being there - a universal message.

Sally Holdsworth, Editor

What a beautiful message. It was not lost on our Year Ones. They loved it!

Vanessa, Primary School Teacher

I love your book because it teaches us how to be kind and nice. It teaches us to make a friend even if they're smaller than us or bigger than us. Your book is amazing!

Keevah, Year 1

The colours in this book are astonishing. I really like this book.

Felix, Year 1

I can't stop reading this book because it teaches us that we can make a friend no matter what. When are you going to write another book?

Annaliese, Year 1

Your book helps me to be myself. I cannot stop reading it. I love the illustrations.

Tahj, Year 1

The illustrations are fantastic. My favourite part of this book is when Claire makes friends with Mrs Ong. This is a great book.

Toby, Year 1